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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Fort Rozz’

Supergirl Recap ‘Fort Rozz’

'Supergirl' Recap 'Fort Rozz'
Image: The CW

Supergirl is off to Fort Rozz this week in order to gain information on Reign as prisoner Jindah Kol Rozz wears the same insignia. The only problem is that the prison is in an area with a blue sun, which means Kara won’t have any powers, and no one with a Y Chromosome can go there. J’onn won’t let Kara go by herself, so Imra volunteers to go. Kara suggests that they also bring along Livewire and Psi, who are both less than enthusiastic about going, but don’t want to let themselves be killed by Reign.

Sam is supposed to be going to an important meeting and needs someone to watch Ruby. Alex offers her services since she can’t do anything because of her broken leg. Everything is going along great until Alex gets a text from Maggie asking if she left her passport at Alex’s apartment. Alex partially shuts down, but Ruby if there to help her through it. They talk about getting over pain in their lives and Ruby reveals that she a girl in her class posted mean and untrue things about Ruby online. Alex says that’s something she can take care of and the two of them head to the girl’s house where Alex threatens to send the girl to juvenile detention if she doesn’t apologize and promise never to do it again.

Aboard Fort Rozz, the team faces off against an escaped inmate who is proving to be more of a problem than they thought. The prisoner has incredible strength and without Supergirl, the other three struggle. During the battle, Psi invades Imra’s mind. Thankfully, Livewire stays true to her word and knocks out the prisoner. Kara puts the mind dampener back on Psi, saying that she can’t trust her. Their ship shudders and they learn that a solar flare has knocked Fort Rozz off its orbit and they are falling into the blue sun. Then their communication with Earth is lost. Imra and Psi stay on the ship to figure out how to get them away from Fort Rozz (their landing gear was damaged in the flare) while Kara and Livewire make one final sweep of the prison for Jindah.

'Supergirl' Recap 'Fort Rozz'
Image: The CW

Kara and Livewire get separated and Kara wakes up before Jindah. The Kryptonian tells Kara that Reign is one of Worldkillers, and soon, there will be more to join her cause. They are purity and pestilence. Suddenly, Reign appears, and her powers still work. Kara is about to be killed when Livewire appears, keeping Reign at bay. They struggle, but Reign manages to overpower her. Before she can deliver the killing blow, Kara tells Reign that she’s the one she wants. Livewire doesn’t deserve to die. Reign turns her attention to Kara and shoots her laser vision, but Livewire jumps in the way and is killed. Psi then appears on the scene, having been released from the mind dampener by Imra. She invades Reign’s mind where she has a vision of Ruby screaming to her mother. Reign temporarily disappears and Sam looks questioningly around her, seeing Supergirl. Reign then takes back over and flees.

Back on Earth, Sam arrives to pick up Ruby. Alex asks how her work trip was and Sam is confused by the question. She then remembers that yes, she was supposed to be going somewhere but doesn’t remember doing so. Sam pulls out her phone and finds a whole bunch of missed calls from Lena. She then admits to Alex that there might be something wrong with her. She’s losing big chunks of time and doesn’t know where she’s been going.

Jindah talked about the awakening of the other Worldkillers and the final scene of the episode introduces us to the first new one. While walking with her friend, they are almost hit by a car. The Worldkiller pushes her friend out of the way and is smashed between two cars. Miraculously, she isn’t hurt at all as her powers are realized. Now it will be a race to see who gets to her first, Supergirl or Reign.

I really liked Livewire in this episode and am rather upset that she’s gone. She really shined in this episode with her attitude and cocky attitude and I loved her dynamic with Kara. At least in the end she died a hero.

Kara is told by Psi and Livewire along their journey that there is no way to save Reign. Kara believes that there is still some good in her and could even sense her humanity. I’m guessing Psi didn’t tell Supergirl what she saw, or Kara would know what Reign’s tie to humanity is.

Ruby and Alex have a great relationship and I’m wondering if Alex is going to become a mom sooner than she expects. Once the team finds out Reign’s identity, the first thing they’re going to want to do is get Ruby to safety. This will drive the Sam part of the Worldkiller crazy and maybe even jump-start her fight to fully regaining control.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘For Good.’

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