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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Event Horizon’

Supergirl Recap ‘Event Horizon’

Supergirl is back and Kara is paying for the price for the secrets she’s kept. At the end of last season, Lex revealed that Kara is really the girl of steel to Lena, who didn’t take the news well at all. Now, Lena is working on her plan for revenge. She has been busy building a new virtual reality program in which she plays out different scenarios to defeat Supergirl. The first step in her plan involves selling CatCo to Andrea Rojas, who swoops in like a hurricane.

'Supergirl' Recap 'Event Horizon'
Supergirl/The CW

Unfortunately for Kara and James, Andrea wants to completely revamp the magazine. She wants to make it more like trend-following click bait than hard-hitting journalism. All this despite the fact that Kara is being awarded a Pulitzer for her Lex Luthor exposé. Andrea tells all of her employees that they are bound by a three-year contract, and if they quit, she will blacklist them from the industry. James decides he’s not going to put up with that and walks out. Andrea and Lena are in cahoots, and Lena promises to send documents for quite the story the night Kara accepts her Pulitzer. Of course, the news is that Kara is Supergirl.

The night of the party, Kara is eating herself up about not telling Lena the truth. Finally, she blurts it out. Lena doesn’t reveal that she knows, and instead just lets Kara talk. It’s a really, really great scene and has been so many years coming. Melissa Benoist really delivered on the emotion, and Katie McGrath played off it really well in the subtlety of her reaction. Kara doesn’t know what Lena is thinking until her friend gives a speech congratulating Kara on her achievement. In the end, Kara believes that everything is okay between the two of them.

Meanwhile, a shapeshifter has been causing problems all over the city. It culminates in them opening a portal to the Phantom Zone and releasing Midnight. The alien was sent there by J’onn, and she is back with a burning hatred for the Martian. She attacks the party, but she is too powerful for all of our heroes. J’onn ends up getting sucked into the horizon portal she opened. Kara goes in to save him, just barely managing to do so. Midnight escapes, but for now, the day is saved. And who was the shapeshifter orchestrating everything? J’onn’s own brother. Malefic shows up at J’onn’s, though J’onn has no idea he even has a brother. He tries to get to the bottom of everything and read his mind, but it backfires and the two are thrown across the room in a blast of energy.

'Supergirl' Recap 'Event Horizon'
Supergirl/The CW

Kara presents Lena with her own special watch, like Clark gave James. She promises to always come when Lena needs her. When Kara leaves, Lena’s virtual assistant Hope asks why Lena didn’t send the documents to Andrea like she promised. She asks if Lena forgave Kara. Lena admits she never thought Kara would tell her the truth, and that her plan has changed because of it. In order to achieve her end goal, she needs Kara to trust in her and their friendship. This is only the beginning.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Stranger Beside Me.’

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