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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Resist’

Supergirl Preview ‘Resist’


There are a lot of familiar faces returning to Supergirl in Monday’s penultimate episode. Lillian Luthor shows up once more and I’m sure her arrival will be followed by an “I told you so” as National City faces an alien invasion (and she’s brought Cyborg Superman with her). The President will also appear and warn Supergirl against jumping into the fight with Rhea. That will be hard for Kara as both Mon-El and Lena have been taken hostage. Is there a wedding in the future for those two?

The most anticipated return is that of Cat Grant. I am so excited. Calista Flockhart has been greatly missed and Cat was such an important part of season one. I hope she comes back and tells Kara that she knows she is Supergirl. From the trailer, we know that Cat is ready to engage Rhea’s forces.

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