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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Far From the Tree’

Supergirl Preview ‘Far From the Tree’

Last week, J’onn got a psychic message from M’gann asking him to return to Mars. J’onn is going to answer her summons, but he’s not going alone. Despite believing it to be a suicide mission, Kara joins him. They find M’gann and she informs them that there is another Green Martian that still lives. And it’s J’onn’s father. But is this all a trap?

It will be interesting to finally see the war-stricken Mars. M’gann left to try and find more White Martians who opposed their people, but we haven’t heard much on her success. I think that we’re in for an emotional ride and I’m glad that we’re getting a J’onn-focused episode.

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