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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Red Dawn’

Supergirl Preview ‘Red Dawn’

The showdown we’ve been waiting for is finally here as Supergirl faces off against her evil clone, Red Daughter. Lex has been working hard to make sure his project is as ruthless as he is, so the fight will definitely not be easy for Kara. Knowing her, she will also try to figure out a way to bring down Red Daughter without killing her. Lex has also made sure to give his weapon a suit upgrade as we see her in a black outfit with a helmet. It’s similar to the outfit made by Lena for Supergirl during the Kryptonite outbreak.

I’m curious as to if we will ever find out why/how Kara was cloned. In the Season 3 finale, Kara was forced to use the Haren-El in order to travel back in time and stop Reign from killing everyone she loved, so is that when the split happened? Is Red Daughter actually just the Kara from the original timeline who lost all her memories? She did remember Alex, though, which is just a testament to the bond between the two sisters. That’s also how I think Kara is going to get through to her. She knows that Red Daughter has been studying her life, looking at all the photos, so she will try and use that human connection in order to bring the villain to the other side. Lex has been manipulating her, so I’m sure she won’t be too happy when she finds out he was lying to her about who Alex is.

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