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‘Supergirl’ Mid-Season Finale Recap ‘Reign’

Published on December 5th, 2017 | Updated on December 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Mid-Season Finale Recap ‘Reign’

Sam has fully awakened as Reign and she definitely lives up to the title of World Killer in her first outing as this season’s big bad. Reign starts leaving her symbol burned around National City and there are different opinions as to who is behind it. Lena thinks that it’s Morgan Edge as the symbols are all appearing in areas owned by L Corp. She and James go out to investigate that lead. Kara gets a call from out cultist friend Coville in prison. He recites a prophecy to her about a Beast that is coming. First is the Symbol of the Beast, then the Mark of the Beast, and then the Beast itself will come and reign. Kara doesn’t believe it, saying that there is no mention in the Book of Rao about this beast. Things go from bad to worse when Reign kills an entire gang.

Image: The CW

Lena and James confront Edge and he denies any knowledge of the symbol. She doesn’t believe him and they are later attacked by a man that Edge hired. James uses his shield to protect them and kills the man (Lena didn’t see him use it). Later at CatCo, Lena and James recount their attack to Sam, who then goes after Edge herself. Edge manages to escape her wrath by hiding in a lead lined room. He then holds a press conference in which he says he wasn’t sure who came after him, but it could have been Supergirl.

Kara knows that she needs to put a stop to this before it escalates even further so she burns her symbol into the roof of CatCo. Reign answers the call and the two of them fight it out in the most intense battle we’ve seen on Supergirl. They seem to be evenly matched early on in the fight, but when they take it to the streets, Kara starts losing ground. Reign delivers a massive blow with a piece of concrete to Kara’s head. So much so that she actually starts to bleed. Trying to remain conscious and keep the people safe, Kara continues to fight, but Reign is ruthless. Reign kicks Kara in the stomach, then blasts her away with heat vision. She flies after Kara, catching her and throwing her on a rooftop. Reign grabs Kara and holds her over the edge of the building, telling her that she is true judgement. She is death and she will reign. Kara tells her that she isn’t scared of her. Reign releases her and Kara falls, no energy left. She smashes into the ground and doesn’t move (notice the imagery that her crest had been turned black and warped, much like Reign’s).

At the DEO, they fight to save Kara’s life, but she’s crashing. Alex begs her to stay alive.

At Sam’s house, Ruby comes downstairs to celebrate Christmas and finds her mom just standing there. Sam’s hand starts to twitch as Ruby calls to her. She turns around and we don’t know what her expression is to her daughter as the episode ends.

More on the Reign fight in a second.

Kara is having a rough time around Mon-El and rightly so. She is trying to be okay with the fact that he is now married and seems to be incredibly happy with Imra. Imra has a talk with Kara, saying that Mon-El talked about her all the time. It’s because of her and Supergirl that they now do what they do. They have formed a Legion. It’s only when Mon-El realized that he would never be able to get back to his original time that he stopped longing for Kara. They accidentally time traveled into the past through a wormhole like the one that took Mon-El. Now they’re here and trying to fix their ship. Mon-El confronts Kara, but she really doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say. She says that this scenario is worse than anything she could’ve imagined. She doesn’t like to look at him and see that there is no longer any love for her in his eyes.

Image: The CW

Reign is pretty terrifying. How was she able to make Kara bleed? Even the most intense of fights haven’t succeeded in doing that unless there was Kryptonite involved. Nobody knows that it’s Sam yet, but that is going to come as quite the blow when they find out. Especially because the beginning of this episode had Kara, Lena, and Sam coming together and saying that they were all best friends and thankful for one another. If Lena gets hit with both secret identities around the same time, I think she’s definitely going to be sent down a dark path. Same with James since the two of them are headed toward a relationship with each other. Secrets from Lena galore.

I’m interested to see where the season is going to go now that Reign has entered the picture. All I know is that Kara isn’t going to be recovering from these injuries as quickly as she usually would. And not just her body was broken. I think her spirit is going to be broken as well. But what I think is going to come back around in the end if Sam’s humanity (since the whole season has been dealing with Kara’s humanity). The only thing that seems to be tethering Sam to her real self and not the alter-ego is her love of Ruby and her friends. We’ll just have to wait and see, but I think this was the best mid-season finale Supergirl has had.

Supergirl returns from the winter break on Monday, January 18.

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