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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘How Does She Do It?’

Supergirl Preview ‘How Does She Do It?’

In the next episode of Supergirl, Kara deals with Lucy Lane, James’ ex-girlfriend. The promo shows Lucy asking Kara if she is dating Supergirl. Kara reacts in her usual awkward-Kara fashion. I didn’t really like the fact that the entire promo was about how Kara was going to deal with being a superhero and her love life.

Meanwhile, there’s a series of bombings around National City that demand Supergirl’s attention, but Kara is too busy babysitting Cat’s son, Carter. Like the title of the episode suggest, how does Kara manage to juggle a budding love life, her job, and being a superhero? You would think that superheroes would figure out a way to get paid for saving the world so they wouldn’t have to have a day job. Just a thought.

In casting news, Supergirl adds Chris Vance as Non, a Kryptonian military officer. He is often known as Superman’s arch enemy, so there is potential for Superman to come fully into an episode (instead of just glimpses and texts). Tawny Cypress will also make an appearance as Senator Miranda Crane, who is anti- alien in her beliefs. She sure is in for a surprise when she comes to National City.

Images have been released for the fifth episode of the season showing the villainess Livewire. She controls electricity and I am really excited because I always liked the interpretation of the character in the animated series’. Her and Supergirl’s showdown will be really interesting and hopefully entertaining.

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