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‘Stranger Things’ Reveal Season 3’s Air Date And A Brand New Poster

Stranger Things is loved by people all around the world and its overwhelming popularity is well deserved. Stranger Things has been a fun, scary, and exciting journey that follows some of the best developed characters in a series- minus that one episode that no one really likes to talk about. In addition to that, the show also takes almost iconic horror characteristics and puts a unique spin on them. I remember seeing the memorable Christmas light scene for the first time and being genuinely afraid of flickering lights- paranoid that someone was trying to contact me from The Upside Down.

One thing I’ve always praised Stranger Things for is the shows ability to tease fans through teaser videos, behind-the-scenes footage, posters, and particularly their Twitter account. It is almost as though the show runners are giving fans special access into the show itself. However, I don’t think many people expected a poster reveal and an air date on New Years Day. I certainly didn’t.

What a nice way to enter 2019. Take a look at their tweet below

The series has been confirmed for July 4th. With that and the fireworks in the poster, it’s obvious that an episode will actually take place on Independence Day. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t involve aliens blowing up the White House. But we can certainly expect some new surprises from the Upside Down as the parallel world continues to plague Hawkins and its citizens.

Just in case you missed it, here is the episode list for Season 3:

Suzie, Do You Copy?

The Mall Rats

The Case of the Missing Lifeguard

The Sauna Test

The Source

The Birthday

The Bite

The Battle of Starcourt

It’s always hard to predict what Stranger Things will do but I’m very excited to see the gang back together and to watch Mike and Eleven’s relationship flourish, but after the 2 seasons of pure misery for Will, I’m certain things won’t be all rainbows and sunshine. Prepare yourself for potential heartbreak and strap in as we see the gang face yet another supernatural enemy. Could we see the return of The Mind Flayer? Or perhaps an even more dangerous foe?

With all this news from Hawkins, keep your eyes open for a trailer in the coming weeks… also keep an eye out for Demogorgans.

You can take a look at the teaser below.