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Stephen Amell takes on Batting Practice with Toronto Blue Jays

When it comes to meeting your favorite celebrity, childhood hero, or big time sports athlete; everyone has some sort of hype about them. This ‘hype’ was incredibly real for Arrow star Stephen Amell, who took on batting practice with his favorite MLB Team- The Toronto Blue Jays.

Stephen hit a few rounds with them ahead of the Toronto series opener against the Chicago White Sox. He stood along side all-star Third baseman Josh Donaldson and teammate Kevin Pillar, as he began swinging away!

“I was using Josh’s bat for the first three rounds and then Pillar gave me his bat. It’s a little bit lighter and he’s like ‘trust me, take this one,'” said Amell on the field at Rogers Centre. “I didn’t hit a homer but I started lacing line drives.”

Once Amell got his bat on the ball he started drawing cheers from the Toronto players who had lined the batting cage to watch the TV star take some swings.

“Bautista was out there, Morales, Pillar, Tulowitzki, Stroman, Russell Martin, Josh. I felt like one of the guys for a second,” Amell stated. “Especially when I missed a couple because the BP coach was just throwing BBs and they started getting on me a little bit which, is, you know, what you want.

“If they were quiet I’d be like ‘oh God, they just want me to leave.'”

Stephen Amell and Josh Donaldson formed a friendship two seasons ago when Stephen began a campaign on Facebook and Twitter, for the Blue Jays third baseman to be voted to the American League all-star team. Donaldson earned the most votes of any player to earn a spot on the AL’s starting lineup and went on to become league MVP.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be in a position where when I reach out on social media people respond. If it leads to fun adventures I’m always down for it.,” Stephen joked.

“It’s a little bit nerve-wracking taking BP in front of professional ball players, and a bit of a crowd too, but, who cares? Let’s just do it.”

Although he doesn’t see any professional baseball in his future, Amell thinks he’s now got the edge in a rec league.

“If I can hit that BP coach I can hit anyone,” said Amell.

Stephen’s cousin Robbie Amell (The Flash) also joined in on the fun, hitting quite a few rounds  on the field himself!


Source: The Spec

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