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Spyro Stopped in Nashville for Some BBQ and Things Got Lit!

If you haven’t heard, Spyro has teamed up with Snoop Dogg for some cross country fun! He’s headed to Snoop Dogg’s house to bring him a copy of Spyro: Reignited! (We’re only a lot jealous of Snoop!)

The little purple guy started at Stone Hill Castle where he enjoyed the royal views. Soon after, he set out to adventure through swamps, tattoo parlors and more! As each stop is based off of an actual place in the game, he has so far visited Metro Speedway (New York City), roasted Toasty the scarecrow, explored Spooky Swamp, and watched as somebody got a tattoo of himself on their arm. The latest stop was Nashville Tennesee, AKA Molten Crater, where our offices are actually based!

Spyro flew into Pegleg Porker’s to show everyone how it’s done.

Nobody grills better BBQ than Spyro!

We are waiting to see where Spyro’s drone form will stop next!

Activision and Toys For Bob’s Spyro: Reignited is released on November 13th and available for pre-order on!

Are you ready for him?