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‘Spyro: Reignited Trilogy’ Gets Glorious New Launch Trailer!

There’s less than a month left until the long-awaited remake/ remaster of the original Spyro: The Dragon Trilogy; and to celebrate, Activision has released an incredible Launch Trailer that features footage and gameplay from all 3 games! Despite getting a lot of fun photos and mini-clips the past few months via the Official Spyro The Dragon Instagram and Twitter, this is our first new official trailer in quite a while! Though much like the game itself, this was worth the wait!

Truly the grandest sight to see in this trailer is just how amazing each of the character remodels look! It’s not just added pixels, but how these characters have been completely reimagined from the ground up while still remaining completely faithful to their original concepts! We’ve been seeing Developer Toys For Bob’s dedication to this aspect from the start, but each new reveal just pushes that excitement a bit further – and this Launch Trailer is no different!

As I mentioned at the start, this game has been long awaited as its initial release date was scheduled for September 21st, but this date was later pushed back so Toys For Bob could fine tune things as much as possible before release. And as this trailer clearly confirms, the wait was totally worth it! As someone who’s Spyro love burned out due to the highly rushed 2002 game ‘Enter The Dragonfly’ – the game all Spyro fans collectively refer to as a ‘repressed memory’ – I respect Toys For Bob and Activision so much for actively making sure this error doesn’t happen again.

Good things come to those who wait and the day we’ve waited for is soon here! Spyro: The Reignited Trilogy launches November 13th!