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‘Splash’ Remake in the Works

It’s been quite a few good decades since Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah starred in the popular 80’s film Splash, where they debuted a real life mermaid/human romance. Now, producer Brian Grazer says he is considering remaking the film that launched his career.

Brian Grazer recently sat down with CNBC to talk about his career as a producer and how Hollywood has evolved with the rise of digital media and streaming services . One of the things Grazer was asked about is how he would remake some of his best-known work, including Splash. Grazer, surprisingly, revealed that he actually is working on a Splash remake.

He was extremely hesitant to share any details or spoilers, and I would be the exact same way. You gotta keep the element of surprise and suspense alive!

“There’s a movie star involved, or going to be involved. I haven’t announced it.” Grazer said. Sounds pretty exciting to me!

Grazer explained that the remake will be more in line with his original plan for the movie, which was to be titled ‘Wet’ following the first point of view perspective from the mermaid herself. “We’re gonna do a version of that,” he confirmed, before stating that he did not want to reveal the ‘twist’. Ahhhh!! What is it??

I cannot wait for more news on this remake!

Check out the full interview below!


Will you be checking out the Splash remake when it comes out?

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