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‘Batman V Superman’ News of the Day

‘Batman V. Superman’: Batmobile Footage Released For Rocket League

We saw some pictures of the new Batmobile and we know that it’s amazing! To see it in full action, well have to wait on the 25th to come around.

But for now the IGN Youtube page has released some gameplay footage that shows the Batmobile in  Rocket League, that is now available for the game!


First Movie To Premier in 4DX in New York

We know that the movie is debuting on March 25 and it’s going to give out eyes so much new information to take in. Apparently it’s getting even better!

And because 4DX is getting 2 new theatres in New York, Dawn of Justice will be the first movie to premiere in the 4DX theatres! This theatre is specially made to have a full movie experience. It has motion-activated seats and physical effects like wind, rain, snow and even scents!

Let’s just hope no one gets dizzy and missen all the action! Would you go and watch this movie in this theatre?



Comics Does Henry Cavill Read

It’s only about two weeks away and we can feel it coming closer by the day! Even with interviews, like for Entertainment Weekly, they are throwing interviews in our faces. Not that we mind, I’d say bring it on!

Henry Cavill sat down with them, and when the question came up, what he read of comics before the Man of Steel, they got a pretty interesting answer out of it! He’s very open about the fact that his favorite comic still is The Death of Superman and would like to see it filmed someday. But he mentioned another specific story that he liked. The Elseworlds story by Kingsman and co-creator Mark Millar.

“I think the offbeat stories are great, and I read Red Son in particular before I did Man of Steel, to get an idea of the baseline of the character because despite the fact that it’s offbeat and he’s grown up in a completely different environment, the character is still, at it’s very core, the same thing, and I love that,” Cavill said. “I think what’s important now is to tell a story which is dedicated to sharing the same character in the comic books in the cinematic universe, and then after that’s been established, then we can start exploring some more of the offbeat stuff.”

Read more of the interview on the Entertainment Weekly website!

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice will come out in theatres on March 25. Don’t miss out!

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