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Ryan Reynolds & Andrew Garfield – The Spideypool Of Our Dreams

He might not be Spider-Man anymore – nor were they even in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe – but that didn’t stop Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds from making every Spideypool dream come true at last night’s Golden Globe Awards.

As you can imagine, “Spideypool” is the name given when pairing Spider-Man and Deadpool together. To some this might seem like an odd coupling, but in the comics the two have always shared a sort of on and off Bromance. In fact, Deadpool wants nothing more than to be Spider-Man’s best friend – and to occasionally hit on him. Recently Marvel comics took this a step further by giving them an evil mutant daughter named Itsy Bitsy who continuously refers to them as Spider-Daddy and Dead-Daddy.

Now sure Spideypool isn’t exactly cannon, but this isn’t the first time liberties and fan input have been taken. In fact, back in 2013 Garfield suggested that Spiderman could have a complete reboot to explore his sexuality where MJ was actually a man. Pair that with Ryan Reynold’s comments on how Deadpool should have a boyfriend in the sequel– which makes sense since Deadpool is Pansexual – and this whole awards ceremony is basically a “4th-Wall break inside a 4th-Wall Break…. That’s like 16 Walls!”

My math might be off on that one, but there’s one final detail in all this that can either make this Marvelous kismet (aka MARVELous KISSmet) or hilarious happenstance. This kiss happened during Ryan Gosling’s acceptance of the Award for ‘Best Performance By An Actor in a Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy’ for La La Land. Reynolds was up for the same award for Deadpool. As for Garfield, he was up for the same award but in a different Genre – Best Performance By An Actor in a Motion Picture: Drama – yet it was Casey Affleck. Reynolds and Garfield might not have won their respective awards last night, but at least they have each other…  and the hearts of countless people watching!

All we know is, Reynolds and Garfield should sit next to each other more often. Even Ryan Reynold’s amazing wife seemed to enjoy the moment! This really makes you wonder – or just wish immensely – if we could ever see Garfield reprise his role of Spider-Man for a future Deadpool film? Given that Sony and Marvel Studios are now sharing Spider-Man’s rights, it might be tough. Though considering the success of Deadpool, Deadpool’s ability to break fourth walls and the continued rumored talks between Fox and Marvel Studios… anything is possible.

It was truly a night of nights with moments we’ll be talking about for weeks to come. What was your favorite moment? Sound off below!