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Silver Surfer Available in ‘Marvel: Contest of Champions’

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions, the epic mobile fighting game, the mighty Silver Surfer has joined the battle.

To protect his planet from certain Annihilation, Norrin Radd relinquished his life to become the Silver Surfer, a Herald of Galactus. Now imbued with the Power Cosmic, the Silver Surfer travels the galaxy in search of new planets to feed Galactus’ insatiable hunger.

Silver Surfer
Image via Kabam

If fighting against the various Marvel heroes and villains as the cosmic surfer sounds like fun, here are some of his stats.

Stats based on 4-star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99.
Base Health: 15850
Attack: 1092
Max PI: 3976
Max PI (with signature): 5087

Stats based on 5-star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200.
Max PI:
Max PI (with signature):

The Silver Surfer also comes with some pretty cool abilities.

  • Silver Surfer takes -100% damage from Coldsnap, Incinerate, and Shock Debuffs. Each stack of these Debuffs count as a Unique Buff for any of Silver Surfer’s abilities.
  • Each hit deals a Burst of 136.5 Energy Damage for each Unique Buff. This scales with base attack only.
Power Cosmic Buff
  • At the start of the Fight, Silver Surfer generates an indefinite Power Cosmic Buff. If this Buff ends for any reason it will return in 9.0 seconds.
  • While the Power Cosmic Buff is active Silver Surfer rotates between dormant icons every 2 seconds in the order of Power Rate, Fury, then Armor Up.
  • Consuming the Power Cosmic Buff converts the dormant icon into an active Buff and inflicts 3 Armor Break Debuffs each reducing the Opponent’s Armor Rating by 352.94 for 12.0 seconds. Max 3 Stacks.
Rotating Buffs
  • Refresh the expiry of all active Buffs when creating a Rotating Buff that does not already exist.
  • Power Rate: Increase Power Rate by 15% for 15.0 seconds.
  • Fury: Increase Attack Rating by 546 for 24.0 seconds.
  • Armor Up: Increase Armor Rating by 2000 for 24.0 seconds.
Special 1: Force of Will
  • If available, consume the Power Cosmic Buff and create 2 Buffs based on whichever dormant icon was active.
  • If at least Unique Buffs are active when launching this Special Attack gain a Vigilance Buff allowing all attacks to bypass Miss for 12.0 seconds.
Special 2: Test of Might
  • Silver Surfer increases the potency of any bursts of Energy or Physical damage by 180% for the duration of this Special Attack.
  • If at least 3 Unique Buffs were active when launching this Special Attack, Silver Surfer creates an Unblockable Buff for 4.0 seconds.
Special 3: Lack of Patience 
  • Gain an Aptitude Buff increasing the potency of Silver Surfer’s Fury, Armor Up and Precision Buffs by 25% for 24.0 seconds, then Retrigger each of Silver Surfer’s active Rotating Buffs. Max 1.
  • Each Aptitude Buff on Silver Surfer also increases the potency of his Power Rate Buffs by 25%.
Signature Ability – Energies of the Universe
  • All Buffs on Silver Surfer have 5~50% increased Potency.

What are you waiting for? Check out the mobile game right now and harness the power of the cosmos. Marvel Contest of Champions is available to download via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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