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Shane Dawson Extended Trailer for ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’

YouTube personality Shane Dawson has released an extended version of his trailer for his upcoming series on Jake Paul, The Mind of Jake Paul. If you are a Shane Dawson fan or if you are a fan of fellow YouTube personality Jake Paul, the upcoming 8-part series on Jake Paul is a must see. The extended trailer released by Shane on September 21st shows Shane in a possible mini-breakdown about how exhausting filming has been. Shane goes on to rant that “I understand why everyone is crazy, nobody wants to be completely honest.”

I honestly think Shane is going to try to go where he has easily gone before with Jeffree Star another YouTube personality, who was not afraid to open up to Shane. We heard about self-harming, bullying, depression, not being liked, etc.… so normally Shane is used to getting to the bottom of who someone is but I think anyone could have told him that Jake or even Logan Paul would not be the ones to get the truth out of easily if able to at all.

Shane also announced on his Twitter account that after editing the first half of the series, the first 4 videos have a total running time of 3 hours! The series is set to release on September 25th. Shane has not yet announced if the series will release in two parts, individual videos or all together. The one thing that I know is that I will be in front of my television with YouTube set to Shane’s channel on September 25th to see what all the fuss is about. Not being a fan of the Paul brothers myself I will absolutely give the series a chance to see if it can sway my feelings. The series on Jeffree Star that Shane did, it did change my thoughts on Jeffree for the better so, let us see if Shane can have lightning strike twice and have his series perform in the way he has envisioned it.

*The video below does contain language that is not suitable for children