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See the Trailer for Wind River Starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen

For their new film, Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen are heading into the wild, both to track predators, but when a hunter and a detective join forces, it’s not for the predator you may first imagine.

Jeremy Renner plays Cory Lambert, a game tracker who discovers the body of a dead woman in the snow. Elizabeth Olsen plays Jane Banner, an agent from out of town who has no idea what the elements hold and how difficult this job will be. It’s more than just a murder investigation, it’s an exercise in survival.

However, Cory has a past of his own that makes this something difficult, but as the trailer shows, he agrees to help. Maybe in an effort to make peace with his past and to help a friend as it’s also revealed that Cory knows the girl who he found murdered in the snow.

Before they team up, Jane asks Cory what it is that he does. The exchange sets the tone for the film.

‘I hunt predators.’
‘So, why don’t you come and hunt one for me then.’

As the trailer progresses, you feel your heart quickening with the beat and it takes you by surprise when it abruptly stops and you hear Jeremy say ‘Luck don’t live out here’. This is another take away from the trailer that will play an important role in the film. They’re up against it all; the weather, the elements, and a murderer.

The film is directed by Taylor Sheridan and is set up for an August 4th release in theaters.

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