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See the First Trailer for the Upcoming Dark Comedy ‘The Party’

You know those dinner parties that you occasionally get invited to but decide against attending? Either you are too busy or you don’t know everyone quite well enough, or there’s one guest you just wouldn’t want to run into?

A trailer dropped today for that precise kind of dinner party, except, everyone’s invited and they’re all going and bringing secrets with them. Oh, and champagne. One of those secrets sets off a chain reaction of fear and confessions and by the looks of it, they’ll never be the same.

Kristin Scott Thomas, Patricia Clarkson, Timothy Spall, and Cillian Murphy star in The Party which shows a  dinner party set as a celebration slowly turn into a nightmare.

The film hit theaters in the U.K. this October but won’t release in the US until February of 2018. With a party, champagne, and infidelity, what else could you ask for in the month dedicated to love and romance?