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See Idris Elba and Kate Winslet in ‘The Mountain Between Us’ Trailer

We’ve had a brilliant week for debuts of movie trailers, from the new film Feed to Wind River and even a new Despicable Me 3 trailer – there’s a movie coming out soon for everyone. While some movies satisfy specific types of viewers, there are some that draw in a variety of viewers due to the presence of certain actors/actresses and the incredible storylines that they’re acting out.

One of those storylines is happening in the new film The Mountain Between Us and after seeing the trailer, we are hooked. A pair of strangers meet in an airport, both desperate to get to their destinations but facing problems making it happen. They end up on a charter flight home when something goes terribly wrong.

Idris Elba and Kate Winslet play Dr. Ben Payne and Alex Martin, respectively, and the pair are forced to connect with one another in an effort to not just make it out of the plane crash, but to survive their injuries and to live another day. Ben was in a rush to get home to perform surgery and Alex was on her way to be married – both of them have the world to lose.

With high stakes and even higer emotions, the pair begin to realize that they’ve got more in common than they think, and they also find that they’re able to overcome their differences and weaknesses with the help of one another. Their determination, individual strengths, and drive to live will make it possible for both of them to make it out alive, as long as they can withstand the elements.

Some films with a ‘big disaster’ are so completely overdone that they’re almost fake, but this one draws you in and you already find yourself rooting for their survival. We’re looking forward to this film and with a debut date of October 20th, 2017 – we won’t have long to wait.

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