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Kate Winslet on Beauty and Facing the Elements Filming The Mountain Between us

Kate Winslet will star alongside Idris Elba in an upcoming survival film ‘The Mountain Between Us’. The film sees the two strangers become friends as they take a charter plane after their flights were cancelled. The plane tragically crashes and strands them in conditions that are almost certainly deadly.

Of course, anything that can get worse usually does and the pair come face to face with wild animals, the injuries from their crash, below freezing temperatures, and the fact that they may very well die together without knowing one another at all.

The film looks incredible and the director hopes it makes viewers question what it truly means to live. Kate Winslet recently spoke about the film and praised the story and what they experienced, even on the days that were hard.

‘As hard as it was, as scary as it was, I really did love it. It was quite frightening, but amazing at the same time because of how spectacularly beautiful it was.’

The trailer for the film does look intense, but we can see where Kate and Idris found beauty in filming The Mountain Between Us. She did mention though that they were definitely not safe from the elements.

‘There’s a funny thing that happens with actors. From the outside looking in people assume that it wouldn’t be as cold for the actors, that there would have been extra things or magical fairy dust sprinkled on them to make them not as cold as everybody else. Just forget all that, because that does not come into play in this film at all.’

Then, a sort of Titanic like comparison came into play and while the comparisons are by no means in large quantity, they exist in the way that the films did test survival and yes maybe the romance factor too, otherwise, they’re vastly different.

She laughed though and pointed out that now, people will probably compare it to Titanic.

‘I’m realizing now, as I’m talking about this film, people are going to want to compare it to Titanic. Actually, they are so wildly different.’

Some survival movies can be painfully overdone and outrageous but everything about this film seems to point to a really great movie, we can’t wait to see it.