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See how your Favorite Celebrities are Coming Together to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Published on August 30th, 2017 | Updated on September 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

While our jobs, and personal interests, require us to keep up with what’s going on in the entertainment industry – it’s not every day that most people keep up with celebrity news. Sometimes, it’s skipped over completely. However, since the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey has been all over the news, internet, and social media – celebrities are in the spotlight – and people are paying attention.

The hurricane has left the state of Texas in shambles. From the cities affected by the natural disaster to the cities trying to send help or take in those who, have now, lost everything – the state is in need now more than ever. It’s times like this where we come together as a nation and we put our differences aside so that we can come together and make a difference.

When disasters happen, celebrities have an incredible platform and using it to encourage others to get involved does more than they may even realize themselves.

Right now, if you go to social media pages of some of your favorite celebrities, you’ll see messages urging you to help. There are links to the Red Cross and other organizations where you can donate money and there are links to personal organizations that celebrities are involved with who are donating proceeds to Hurricane Harvey victims.

The cast of Supernatural, for instance, has already raised over 162,000 dollars for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and their drive is open until Friday. Kevin Hart took to Instagram with a 25,000 dollar donation and urged his celebrity friends to get involved. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson joined in and urged his friends to give as well. Stephen Amell launched a charity drive and Chris Young donated 100,000 and Tweeted a link to his followers, asking them to help, too.

Sandra Bullock told E! News tonight that she was able to give 1 Million dollars to the Red Cross to assist Hurricane Harvey victims. It would be impossible to name every celebrity who is giving to make a difference, but it’s important to point out the massive drive coming from Hollywood to help save Texas.

There are ways you can get involved as well.

Red Cross

The Red Cross is taking donations online or you can text HARVEY to 90999 which makes an automatic 10 dollar donation.

Houston Humane Society 

The Houston Humane Society is, taking in shelter pets in Houston, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve been looking for a way to help the animals too. You can donate at this link.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital 

Driscoll Children’s is bringing in evacuated children from Houston hospitals’ NICU. You can donate here to help save the lives of babies already in need of critical care.


Another incredibly important organization is helping those with disabilities in the Houston area. For more information please contact the hotline at (800) 626-4959.

You can also donate to various food banks in the area, the red cross in your own area (blood, platelets, etc), and many other organizations online. Try to make sure you’re donating through sites that are secure and well known to avoid being scammed.

We’re sending our love to those affected by Hurricane Harvey and making donations where we can. We know that our family here at Fan Fest is huge and we hope that, if possible, we can come together to help provide assistance as needed.



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