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Secret Host Revealed In ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Finale

There were a lot of plot twists in the season 2 finale of Westworld. One particular one may have gone unnoticed by viewers; disclaimer: there may be a few spoilers below.

In the scene of the beach, near the end of “The Passenger”, security chief Stubbs stops Dolores while she heads to the boats. Dolores has cleverly put her mind into a printout of Delos corporate executive, Charlotte Hale, to escape the park. But Stubbs is also revealed to be a secret hot in their conversation. The nuanced dialogue fails to make this clear because it could seem like Stubbs only says that he knows his language phrases his replies to Dolores in rather hot-like terms.

However, we’ve been told that Stubbs is really a host. Director Frederick A.O. Toye confirms the same in interviews, and it is important to notice the big give away that Stubbs isn’t fooled by her almost near perfect disguise. Stubbs is able to sense that he is talking to a Host, not Hale, and he is clear about this from the beginning of the conversation.
In addition, in their dialogue, Stubbs says that he was among the first hires for Ford and that his “main drive” was being responsible for hosts. This shows that Stubbs is just another way made possible by Ford, for Dolores to escape, but Stubbs is conflicted between his purpose now and everything he has witnessed since the QA team arrived being dirty, ethically speaking.

This move sets Hemworth’s character up for a very intriguing role to play in season three. He is [potentially capable of helping Maeve who is currently dead, lying on the beach, just a few feet away.

What did you think of the season finale of Westworld? Is there anything that stood out to you? Season three is expected to have begun shooting this month!