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Even ‘Westworld’ Star Evan Rachel Wood was Confused with Season 2’s Intricate Plot Twists

* Spoiler Alert: The following contains spoilers from Westworld season 2. Read on only if you’ve finished watching the full season. *

If you have ever felt confused or completely and totally lost at any point while watching the second season of HBO’s Westworld, you can take some comfort in knowing that the cast didn’t really know what was happening either!

Westworld is known for its complicated and intricate plot lines, and this season, in particular, had several different moving timelines all being portrayed at once. Even for the most dedicated and hardcore of fans, it surely was difficult to keep up with all the details and all the different moving parts.

Even 'Westworld' Star Evan Rachel Wood was Confused with Season 2's Intricate Plot Twists

The actors on the series were pretty much in the same boat. Series star Evan Rachel Wood spoke recently with Vulture where she revealed even she had trouble keeping up with the second season. She said:

[row]“I had no idea what was happening in season 2 at all, and we shot out of order, so most of the time — I mean, it was insane to be an actor on season 2. I don’t know how I feel about it [Laughs], but it was a ride. We stopped reading the call sheets. We would show up and [Jeffrey Wright] and I would ask what episode we were in. It was kind of that level of — we just lived in the moment in whatever scene that we were doing, and that’s how we made it.”[/row]

Can you imagine how confusing it must have been for the actors knowing that they would shoot a scene here and a scene there neither of which connected with each other?

Of course, when season 2 all finally came together, things made a lot more sense (or at least we learned some new shocking details which we thought made sense at the time). The season two finale revealed that Wood’s character Dolores Abernathy was actually posing as Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) this whole time. Mind. Completely. Blown!

Wood isn’t the only actor from season 2 who had to spend some time figuring things out. We spoke with Peter Abernathy himself, Louis Herthum earlier this year where he revealed that, as a fan of the show himself, he watches each episode of the series while looking for clues to get him through. Herthum said:

[row]”I’m a fan, so yes. The answer is yes! (laughs) People always ask me, “Louis, what the heck is going on man. I’m having the hardest time following it.” I always say the way that you’re going to get through this the easiest is to try to discern what timeline you’re in. You’re going to have to look for clues. In this season, we see Bernard at the very beginning and one of the things that I use, and I don’t think this is a spoiler, is that he does not take his glasses with him. He leaves them on the beach. Now, for me, I only know what I know from the episodes I’m in, so this season is full of surprises for me! I think that’s the case for most of the cast members, except those that are in most of the episodes. So, when Bernard doesn’t have his glasses, I know it’s that particular timeline.

You have other clues like Hale, for example. She’s wearing a vest when they catch me. Then, you see her without the vest, so there are all these little clues, but yes. To answer your questions, absolutely! I have tried desperately to hang on to the different timelines, and it’s so much fun!”[/row]

What did you think about season 2 of Westworld? Were you able to hang on and follow along with the details of the season? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Even 'Westworld' Star Evan Rachel Wood was Confused with Season 2's Intricate Plot Twists

Source: Entertainment Weekly