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Sebastian Stan on Filming ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and the Future for Bucky Barnes

When fans found out that Sebastian Stan was on the guest list for Rhode Island Comic Con, they were thrilled. It was his first appearance after some very busy film scheduling and it came at a perfect time. While he’s still in Atlanta, seemingly working on the next Avengers movie, I, Tonya is nearing a theater debut and it’s going to be a big movie for him.

So between filming and promoting the upcoming Tonya Harding story, he got to spend time meeting fans and sitting aside Paul Bettany at a panel for Infinity War.

The pair answered some questions about their characters solo, and about the film and what it means to the MCU in its entirety.

One of those questions has been on the minds of fans for some time now.Will Bucky Barnes pick up the shield? Many people thought he’d have picked it up by now while others believe that it will happen during Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers 4.

No matter what, Sebastian Stan is keeping quiet on the subject. However, he did say that he has his own idea and direction in which he’d like to see Bucky progress in the MCU.

In response to a different question, about filming and the secrecy of scripts, Sebastian had this to say about being on set.

I guess, what I would say is, because we’ve done these characters for a bit now, there’s a little bit of a telepathic kind of knowledge between us and the writers. And you kind of can sometimes guess where they’re going to take it, a little bit.’

If Sebastian has an idea of whether or not that’s in the cards for Bucky, however, he’s not letting on. Although, we’re not sure he’d even know himself at this point.

What we do know is that the loss of Chris Evans as Captain America is inevitable, he’s said so himself. If someone takes the shield next, should it not be the guy who knows him best?

We think so, and we think he might, too. Even if he can’t say it out loud.

What do you think of Bucky’s place in the MCU? Let us know.