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Chris Evans on Robert Downey Jr: ‘He Really Brings Everybody in to the Group’

Published on January 14th, 2018 | Updated on January 15th, 2018 | By FanFest

At a convention in Arizona this weekend, lucky fans saw some of Marvel’s finest in photo ops and autograph lines. They were able to share stories, take photos, and thank the actors for what they bring to their lives, both on and off set.

As Marvel fans ourselves, there’s not one actor that we don’t appreciate just as much when the cameras and bright lights dim. They’re dedicated to their roles but also to their fans, and many use their platform for causes and organizations that aim to promote change and bring good. It’s easy to find reasons to appreciate them.

When Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie took the stage this weekend, Chris was able to tell fans who he appreciated on set as a mentor and his answer didn’t surprise us.

It’s low-hanging fruit to say Downey. He’s such a wonderful guy and is so talented, so experienced, and so supportiveHe’s always been in my corner and I’ve always felt supported by him. He really brings everybody in to the group and makes sure everyone feels welcome, especially on this last one.

In a film like Avengers 4, it’s important for everyone to feel united. Coming from Robert himself, we imagine it feels incredibly special to be not only accepted into the group but made to feel comfortable as a team.

Chris went on to say that he can’t imagine what he feels now, but that no matter what, nobody else could ever be Iron Man. It’s just not possible.

‘I always try to imagine what it feels like for him because he really did start this and he really is so irreplaceable. Nobody can ever be Iron Man. It’s not a role that can kind of find different incarnations.’

While Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have their differences, their underlying friendship and respect for one another can’t be tarnished forever. Especially with the kind of friendship and respect they have for one another behind the scenes.
Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4th.
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