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Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie Talk Bucky and Falcon

Promo season for Avengers: Infinity War is upon us and we’ve never been more excited. That excitement does come at a price, but we’re not thinking about that right now. Currently, we’re focusing on ET’s series of interviews from the set of Avengers: Infinity War. Specifically, those of Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie.

In separate interviews, the two discussed everything from their characters to the size of the set and the movie.

In terms of working with such a massive cast, Stan said this about the experience. He also shared who he’s spent the majority of his time with on set so far. Oh, and there’s that comment about not reading the script. Marvel never forgets.

‘It’s a lot of people. You stay in your lane and try not to bump into anybody. I’m sure there are a lot of parallels between real life and the relationships that are in the movie. People get to know each other for the first time and scope each other out, I guess. I don’t really know what I’m talking about because I have not read a script. I haven’t met even half the people in this cast yet. I’ve done a majority of my screen time with my friend Anthony Mackie who couldn’t be here because he had to have one of those Cuban cigars for all the effort that he’s making on wires.’

Their banter doesn’t just exist between Bucky and Sam, it carries over to Sebastian and Anthony too. In the best way. There’s a lot of respect there. Mackie said this about Stan recently.

‘Sebastian is a damn good actor and he’s a damn good friend, so I think our relationship — really, it’s the three of us, he, Chris Evans and I – our relationship kind of works really well because there’s a mutual respect.’

Both have talked about a spin-off with Winter Soldier and Falcon. It’s gone as far as to spur fans to create hashtags asking for the two to star together on another film, specifically a remake of 48 hours. Which Mackie himself mentioned when talking to ET.

‘A spinoff would be great, but it would be like Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours, that would be our spinoff. It would end up with us beating the crap out of each other three or four times, I know it.’

Stan said this about their characters.

‘To me it’s like Martin Brest film classic Midnight Run, it’s really just sort of in my head like 48 hours, or a buddy comedy from the ’80s or the ’90s. That’s how I see it.’

We’re game for any and everything they could come up with for the two. As Bucky and Sam and also as Sebastian and Anthony. Just check out some promo from past films, their interviews are always our favorite.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.