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Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan on Reuniting in ‘Infinity War’

Published on March 29th, 2018 | Updated on March 29th, 2018 | By FanFest

When promo season for Avengers: Infinity War began, there were a few interviews we were really hoping to get. One of which was Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie. Any MCU fan will tell you that when they get together for interviews, they always bring laughs.

So when Sebastian and Anthony got together for an interview with Screen Rant, well, the result was better than we could have hoped for.

Anthony started off with a one of a kind ‘welcome’ message.

Hello everyone. Welcome to Avenger’s 3. My name is Anthony Mackie. This is Sebastian Stan. If you have many questions direct towards us. We will answer them in a timely fashion. Do not ask anything about the movie because we will not answer. This will go extremely well and you will enjoy.

Jumping right in, Bucky was asked about being in Wakanda. While he couldn’t say much, he was able to confirm that it was a good place for Bucky.

This is where he’s not frozen. That’s good for someone.

A man of few words. The interviewer then asked what Bucky’s doing in Wakanda. This interview happened before Black Panther came out, so the answers weren’t…well, you’ll see.

‘The Same thing he was doing in Wakanda the last time you saw him in Wakanda.’

Anthony chimed in with: ‘Hanging out. Eating Wakandanese food.’

‘Dreaming in his little spacecraft. Well, that’s the last time you saw him, right? So, he’s here taking in the scenery, I guess. And the scenery ain’t great?’

In his little spacecraft, we imagine the scenery wasn’t too much to write home about. However, that Black Panther scene with Bucky and Shuri – that scenery, was stunning. No, we weren’t talking about the way he looked like some superhero/Greek God mix. Well, it was a small contributing factor.

We’ve seen the movie now, but as we said before, this interview was done beforehand. So when they were asked if Bucky would be in Black Panther, Anthony took the reigns.

‘We’ve already told you, we can’t say. I congratulated your people and everything. You’re messing it up.’

The events of Civil War, where we last really saw Bucky and Falcon, left our favorite heroes in very different places in every sense of the word. Anthony touched on where Falcon had been during the time between that film and Infinity War.

We all kind of went on our separate ways after Civil War. We all kind of went on our separate ways and we were in hiding because of everything that happened in Civil War. So now, we get the call to rally, and here we are: Avengers 3.

When asked what they’re rallying for, their answers were better than we expected.

Anthony: Freedom. Truth. Social liberties and peace with all men and women.

Sebastian: …and Mel Gibson.

While Falcon is this horrendous evil, Bucky and Falcon have other things to be concerned with right now. So when they were asked what they thought of the villain, well, he’s not at the forefront of their minds.

Winter Soldier is just enjoying his new arm. And that’s really where he’s at.

Anthony added, ‘It’s a nice arm. All lubed up and ready to go.’

On a more serious note, the two spoke about their characters as individuals and their growing, dare we say it, friendship.

As far as their individual arcs go, both Sebastian and Anthony are excited about what’s in store for their characters. While they’re both strong in character and as actors in general, they’ll be up against something more extreme this time around.

Sebastian said this about Bucky.

It feels good. It’s certainly been a lot more of a stable situation for my guy, from what we’ve been used to and stuff. It’s interesting, I’m really still discovering him. You can’t just turn a hard right and everything’s great. I’m still finding it to be honest.

Anthony said this about being a big supporter of Cap.

The thing for me is that continuous line, being a supporter of Cap and where he is in his journey. I kind of enjoy being along for the ride, step-by-step. You know when I first met the Avengers I was like, ‘Holy shit. If the Avengers need me, I’m there!’ You know it’s just been ridiculous moment after ridiculous moment for me. So,0 you know when I walk up and see a talking raccoon, it’s just a ridiculous moment leading to the next ridiculous thing. You know, so it’s always just a fun journey.

On their friendship, they were light-hearted again. It makes us more excited to see what their banter brings in Infinity War. We know we’ll need a bit of comedic relief.

Sebastian: This was our first scene reuniting, and I thought it was warm –

Anthony: It was. A warm greeting. I realized he’s had a rough few years. He’s been frozen. I’m black so I haven’t aged. We’re just surprised to see each other again. On a new mission.

You can see Bucky and Falcon on their new mission when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.


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