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SDCC 2019: Russo Brothers Panel Highlight

SDCC 2019 is going well, and the news is spreading like wildfire. The Russo Brothers joined a panel in Hall H and started with a sizzle reel. Showing off their work from the Community to their work on Avengers: Endgame. It’s a beautiful thing to see and to remember that they worked on more than just the Marvel franchise.

Once the brothers take the stage, they immediately ask who wants to Storm Area 51 with them. First, a question pops up as if they’d return to do more for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They said they would love to come back to film a Secret Wars movie, a comic that was released by Marvel from May 1984 to April 1985.

“We would love to work with Marvel again at some lounge, and maybe it will be on Secret Ward.” – Joe Russo

Mark Ruffalo decided to record a question, which, to be honest, we were waiting for something this awesome to happen! He asked now that Hulk and Banner have come to terms with each other if professor Hulk is the smartest, and strongest.

“SHURI is the smartest Avenger .” Anthony Russo.

Then Chris Evans appears on screen with his own question, about what Steve did first when he went back in time. Anthony Russo really tries to answer and says he’s going back to Peggy straight away, or even go back in time to save Bucky from Hydra. Joe Russo, however, explains that he probably went to the bathroom.

Other stars like Paul Rudd and Chris Hemsworth send in their hilarious questions show on the screen. Robert Downey Jr. surprisingly also made a video. Asking what the difference is between the “I am Iron Man” at the press conference in the first movie and the one in Endgame.

“Him having a daughter and having gone through the entirety of his arc. He was in a different place there when he said ‘I am Iron Man’.” – Anthony Russo.

From this point on, they announced a lot of projects they’re working. Take a look below at the Russo Brothers’ new projects:

After that, they move on to their next project, called Cherry, that will start its production in October. Tom Holland will star in this film, that follows a story from a book.

It seems that the Russo Brothers aren’t standing still. Their next project is called 21 Bridges, starring Chadwick Boseman. Rounding that project up, they showed a trailer from the upcoming film.


One of their next projects is surprising me, as it’s an animated tv show that will stream on Netflix. It’s called the Magic the Gathering.

“It’s animated with the potential to spin it off into live-action.” – Joe Russo

Another project they tease is the adaptation of The Thomas Crown Affair, starring Michael B. Jordan.

The two brothers just announced that they’re developing a Battle of the Planets project, not a lot of details were given, but they said if they do; “It’ll be live-action.”

The last thing on the panel is a trailer for the home release of Avengers: Endgame, which includes a lot of bonus material.

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