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Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool Shows His Love For ‘Wonder Woman’

If there’s one thing we can count on Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds to do, it’s make us smile. He won us over last week when he supported a fan that photoshopped him over her ex-boyfriend in their prom photos, and then suggested she should photoshop him over his yearbook photos as well. So what does the perfect man have in store for us this week? Clearly something WONDERful!

Domestically, Wonder Woman has made over $368 Million, which beats Deadpool’s $363 Million. Though it’s not just Deadpool that Wonder Woman has beaten. Domestically, Wonder Woman has become the highest grossing DCEU film and worldwide it’s 2nd after Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Though when it comes to critics and viewers alike, Wonder Woman still represents the pinnacle of what the DCEU is capable of.

Though this photo has me thinking: I wonder if Deadpool and Wonder Woman could ever crossover. I know they’re Marvel and DC respectively, but it doesn’t have to be a big screen crossover (or maybe a simple cameo in Deadpool 2). I would settle for a web moment. Imagine it. The hopeful Wonder Woman meeting the wise cracking Deadpool. He’d joke about her origin, then see her fight and immediately swoon and take back everything he said. She’d think he was an idiot but still laugh a bit at his antics. She’d tell him to have hope and be a better person before leaving, and then Deadpool would turn to the camera and say “See Colossus! THAT is how you make an inspiring good guy speech!”

Come on everyone; make this happen! We need more cross universe love! Ryan praised Wonder Woman and Patty Jenkins praised Deadpool. Both films were groundbreaking and are already changing how film studios are looking at R Rated and Female lead Superhero films.

Okay. So funny photoshop comments last week. Wonder Woman praise this week. What will Ryan Reynolds do to make us smile next week?