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Ryan Hurst Joins ‘The Walking Dead’: Fans React

On Friday, July 20, 2018, at San Diego Comic-Con, actor Andrew Lincoln confirmed his exit from The Walking Dead.

For many fans of the show, it was a punch in the gut that had first only been shadowed with rumors of the actor’s exit which were now a reality. There were many opinions online and in real life conversation on the announced exit of Andrew Lincoln. Some people I spoke with were convinced the show was doomed, you could not continue the show without its main character that we have followed for 8 seasons so far. There were then others I spoke to who believed it was time for the character of Rick to go and see what else the show could do. Regardless of those opinions, the fact remains we know he is leaving and we aren’t sure what is going to happen.

Once news of Lincoln’s departure settled in, AMC started announcing new casting for new characters that we will be seeing in the upcoming Season 9 of The Walking Dead. With new cast members and characters announced, we learned that in this upcoming season we will be seeing a new group of villains emerge on the screen from the comics known as The Whisperers. Without going into too much detail, which I could do but then we would be here all day, The Whisperers are a group lead by a woman named Alpha and her second in command, a man known as Beta. The best way after reading the series involving The Whisperers in the comic, I can describe Alpha and Beta as being; The Governor, Gareth (cannibal dude, let’s not forget him) and Negan, all rolled into one and injected with the Super-Soldier Serum that made Captain America who he is.

The casting of Alpha, to be played by the amazing Samantha Morton, came and went with not much chatter happening on or offline. However, yesterday’s announcement of who has been cast to play Alpha’s second in command, Beta, has caused Twitter and Facebook to go crazy with opinions. The lucky actor to land the role of Beta is none other than Ryan Hurst, from Sons of Anarchy fame as the loveable and tormented Opie. Ryan has had a lot of credits to his belt also including; Gerry Bertier in Remember the Titans, Li’l Foster in WGNs The Outsiders and Chick Hogan in A&Es Bates Motel.

The reaction to the casting of Ryan Hurst as the character Beta in The Walking Dead has spun up some interesting responses such as from Twitter user @Zillepetz 

“Best news I’ve seen in a long time!!”


The reactions from others online have been mixed.


As I stated before, mixed responses from all over the internet. What are your thoughts on the casting of Ryan Hurst as Beta? Do you think the recent announcement can draw you as a viewer for season 9 of The Walking Dead even after Rick Grimes has made his exit?