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Ryan Gosling ate Meat from a Cone in Budapest While Filming ‘Blade Runner 2049’

Ryan Gosling has come almost full circle in his personal journey with Blade Runner and he recently sat down for an interview with EW to explain just how that happened.Ridley Scott’s 1982 Blade Runner was a favorite of Ryan and his friends’, in fact, they used to wander around Union Station pretending to be blade runners.

So, taking on this role for Ryan is an incredible experience and he’s glad he ‘waited’ for this movie.

You’ve never done a big-budget film like this before,  I imagine you’ve had offers.
I guess. I try not to discriminate against budget, but they never felt right. I’m glad I waited. Blade Runner was one of the first films that I saw that I didn’t know how to feel when it was over. The line between heroes and villains was so blurred. It’s not a hero’s journey in any way. When I was a kid that was the storyline I had seen. Thematically, there’s just so much there — it was rich, it was melancholy, it was romantic. It’s so special. So many other things have stolen ideas from it, but they could never steal its soul. I felt lucky to enter that world.

In entering that world, Ryan joked that it’s easy to see where the money goes in big budget films, especially when it came to meals. Once a week he actually ate…meat in a cone and he couldn’t ever figure out what kind.

We were in Budapest. Once a week, a truck would come around and it was serving “meat in a cone.’

What kind of meat? They asked.

See, that was what we could never quite figure out. I’m lucky for many reasons that this was my big-budget film, but one of them is that you could see where the money was going. The sets were so beautiful, and every aesthetic choice was for the cleanest, most efficient, elegant way to communicate a story. When cinematographer Roger Deakins creates a frame, half your job is done for you.’

He also spoke on co-starring with Harrison Ford and how he’s always ‘on’.

The best part is that you hang out with him and you realize that all those iconic moments from his films that you love are his — like “I love you,” “I know” from Star Wars, or shooting the guy in Indiana Jones. He’s just like that all the time. Normally I’d say there are hundreds of ways to play any scene. Unless you work with Harrison and you realize there’s only one great way and he’s already figured it out.’

Blade Runner hits theaters on October 6th.