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‘Prodigal Son’ recap “Designer Complicity”

Malcolm needed to figure out if his mother knew about the murders. He interrogates her and straight-up asks her if she knew. She ignores it so Malcolm confronts his father with the same question.

At home Jessica finds the red dress Malcolm references and begins to spiral. She lets it slip to Ainsley that Martin watches her on TV. Ainsley begins thinking that it might benefit her to interview her own father. So she goes to visit him.

“But please, call me Dad.”

Tatiana, a social media influencer, died in the same pose and makeup that she wore in Axel X’s (Tatiana’s boyfriend) first campaign. Axel X is a suspect in Malcolm’s eyes, but does have a point, they need to go after a stalker.

Roger, a photojournalist, had a lot of restraining orders against him. He’s not their guy but thinks Axel is shady.  Roger is hit by a car after leaving the police station, leading Malcolm to question his original profile.

To get Roger to talk, Malcolm tells him he’s going to die. Axel and Tatiana had a fight after he found out that she was leaving him for another fashion line. Malcolm comes to realize that the stalker didn’t want Tatiana, they wanted Axel. Malcolm gets Axel alone, drawing Joey out, the real killer. Gil rewards Malcolm with the video of Jessica’s interview.

“Family always knows.”

Jessica knew Martin was up to something. She just thought it was an affair, not murder. Malcolm apologizes to his mother and thanks her for all she did for him and Ainsley.


Malcolm is ballsy! I would be so scared in that situation. This episode was impressive. I am completely hooked by Malcolm’s ability to very quickly profile the killer and catch them. But poor Roger. Malcolm lies and tells him he’s dying and all he can think of is his cat. Thankfully he’s still alive, still creepy, but alive. Speaking of creepy, what is Martin going to say to Ainsley?

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