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‘Prodigal Son’ Recap “Pilot”

Published on September 23rd, 2019 | Updated on September 23rd, 2019 | By FanFest

Malcolm Bright and his father have an interesting relationship. Dr. Martin Whitly aka “The Surgeon” was arrested in 1998 in the connection of at least 23 murders.

Fast forward to 2019, special agent Malcolm is fired from the FBI because he seems to be too much like his father. Usually not a bad thing, but given the circumstances…  The trouble is, he may be like his father, but Malcolm is determined to not let this stop him.

Gil Arroyo, from the NYPD, needs Malcolm’s help to profile the murder of a VIC, very important cadaver. The killer is a copycat of, you guessed it, The Surgeon.

Malcolm’s mother and sister wish he’d take a break from ‘the murder stuff’ and fear he’ll go see his father now that the killer is a copycat. In order to save the fourth victim in the recreated quartet, Malcolm feels he has no choice but to see his father. Especially now that the copycat had stolen drawings from Dr. Whitly’s journals.

Dr. Whitly tells Malcolm about Carter Berkhead, who ends up being the killer. The final victim is his wife, Blair, because she was cheating on him with another man. In capturing Carter, Malcolm confesses, out loud, that he is The Surgeon’s son. Gil also confesses that he came to know Malcolm in 1998 when Malcolm called the cops on his father, in turn, saving Gil’s life.

Malcolm’s father doesn’t want to lose him again and offers to help him with more cases. Dr. Whitly is so proud

Ok, I’m in love with this show already. Michael Sheen and Tom Payne are perfect. I’m not going to lie, The Walking Dead really underutilized Tom’s talents. Did you see the look on his face as he chopped off Nico’s hand? Incredible. The way Malcolm’s mind works is fascinating. I am already obsessed with this show and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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