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‘Poke-Ranger’ Artwork Dominates Instagram, and we LOVE IT!

We’ve been on quite the Pokemon ‘high’ ever since the newest update for the hottest mobile game, Pokemon Go, came out. We’ve binged the original series on Netflix, we’ve blasted the theme song in our car hundreds of time, and we’ve even bought a cute new Pokemon stuffed animal from Amazon! Oh wait, maybe that’s just me….

At any rate, one of the most beautiful things I admire in the world we live in today, is a creative mind. I find myself looking at DevianArt, Instagram and sometimes LiveJournal to see some creations that people have designed. Recently, I found myself looking up some Pokemon art and I found myself incredibly blown away by some art that I discovered on Instagram.

As a kid, I was a huge fan of the original Pokemon television series as well as the original Power Rangers- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. So imagine my surprise when I discovered some artwork that combined the two of them together in a stunning piece called ‘Poke-Rangers’!

The artist, The Insightful Panda, has really amazed me with his art work. Absolutely stunned, I reached out to the artist and asked him why designing this art work was so important to him, and why he chose to combine the two 90’s childhood television shows:

‘Power Rangers and Pokemon aren’t just nostalgic, they also brought people together. It didn’t matter your gender, race, sexuality, political stance or religion. If you liked this, you were “part of us”. Power Rangers showed us we were stronger together. Pokemon pushed us to be” the very best” on OUR own adventure. If you had a tip for beating the Elite Four, you shared it to help others be “the very best” in their journey. So hopefully by combining these two works, I can bring out that same childhood wonderment and excitement in people. I’ve already had fans tell me how my designs made them want to get back into Pokemon or watch a season of Power Rangers they never have – and there’s plenty more Pokemon and Power Ranger seasons to go! If my art can brighten someone’s day, and/or revitalize that childlike love of Pokemon and Power Rangers, I’ll be happy! 

Well it’s certainly true, these drawings are absolutely amazing and have certainly brought out the inner child in me. I don’t know about the rest of ya’ll, but I’m ready to either a.) Binge watch both on Netflix and write out a fanfiction story or b.) put on a baseball cap and go out on my own adventure.

Either way, I’m super stoked about these photos! Check out some in the gallery below:

We look forward to seeing even more amazing artwork from artist, Joe!

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