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‘Darth Negan’ Image by Artist Robert Shane Goes Viral

Published on January 27th, 2017 | Updated on January 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

What better way to celebrate the release of a new Star Wars title AND the upcoming return of The Walking Dead from its winter hiatus other than an epic crossover of the two of them! Here at Fan Fest, we love ’em both!

Think Negan hasn’t walked along the Dark side of life enough? A crossover with Darth Vader will certainly do the trick!

The Walking Dead executive producer, Greg Nicotero, recently posted the below photo on his Instagram Page. In the photo, Darth Vader is standing as Negan (Lucille in hand), backed by an army of Savior Stormtroopers. In place of Rick Grimes and his team,  a couple of Resistance pilots on their knees awaiting his order on who will die. In the back? It get’s even better! Check out those AT-AT’s  lighting up the scene.

It is drawn by artist Robert Shane.

Artwork by: Robert Shane

According to executive producer Tom Luse, The Walking Dead will have a few similarities to Star Wars when it returns for the rest of its seventh season. “This is the Rebel Alliance fighting back against the Empire,” Luse said. “We all want that coming together of all these great characters, for them to see each other and realize that they as a group are strong because of the love and respect they show to each other. They know what that means and that gives them strength as well.”


The Walking Dead will return February 12th on AMC!!




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