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Orphan Black “From Instinct To Rational Control” Review

If you were thinking, “Man,
I could totally use a show that
incorporated some severed head action into
it’s story”, than this
Orphan Black was just for you! With the Walking Dead on

vacation until October the
percentages of severed heads on television has gone
down significantly. Good
thing Orphan Black was
here to fill the void.
Although this weeks episode was a lot more then
studying Dr. Leekie’s


Right off the bat this week wanted to make up for the lack of
last week as we got
plenty of her story. Not all of it mind you but
enough to fill in
some blanks. We know that her
morning routine involves heavy
dental care (I love how she times everything)
mixed with some hacking with a

dash of bomb making. Just a typical morning for an underground member of the

Clone Club. MK is on the
hunt for the newly emerged Ferdinand, who has seemingly
alluded her hacking
skills and has aligned himself
with Sarah giving MK a whole
new level of trust issues. This week was good
at providing a little bit of back

story on MK while still keeping up that intrigue.

MK is clearly
by the death of her
friend Nikki (also a clone) as, based on the pictures, the
two of them were
besties. We know that
there was a car accident that MK believes was set in
motion by Ferdinand
(which he pretty much confirms) so
she uses Sarah to get her
revenge. I have to say her plan was pretty
brilliant. Suckering Ferdinand to

Beth’s house (hiiiiii Beth we know you’re an important plot point) and
him take a seat on a bomb
chair was intense. Actually it seems like some kind of
sex game he’d play
with Rachel. Ew. If the bomb chair
wasn’t enough MK pours
gasoline all over the place and lights some candles
giving Ferdinand the Would

You Rather burn to death or blow up option. Hmmmmm tough call

arrives to prevent either
one of those options from coming true as she’s hurt
that MK has used her
this way. MK being the social
butterfly that she is feels
that she’s gotten what she’s needed (like all
of Ferdinand’s money) and slips

back into the shadows. I felt this whole story line was highly effective as
keeps MK rogue while
showing us what’s motivating her. The sheep mask and the
way she wears her
hair seems to be a way to hide
the scars from the car
accident, and with Ferdinand not blowing up we have
to wonder what her next
of action will be.

Elsewhere we learned more about the maggot bots
Cos had the head of Doctor
Leekie delivered to her lab. It seems that these
cheeky bastards (see what I
did there?) are implanted in
order to introduce
foreign DNA to the body. The Neos are looking for any
means possible to evolve
and think that these maggot bots can slowly do that. And if maggot bots
too slow why not start an
underground IVF practice where if you utter the
secret password you can get
an enhanced baby implanted in
you. But shhhhh I’m
sure the would be mothers don’t know that these babies
are going to be
modified. Kind of low of the Neos to play on the needs of


Here are some quick thoughts on
other things that went down this

  • Is it me or is
    Sarah being overly aggressive this
    I know she’s a little stressed because there’s a DNA changing worm
    in her face
    but she’s
    acting all types of rash. Lashing out at Alison and telling her to
    pull her
    weight seemed a bit harsh, even
    though it resulted in some great eye
    fluttering from Alison, and it’s
    compromised her trust issues. Sarah is
    willing to trust people this season, and when MK’s informant (the
    dude with the
    creepy beard)
    won’t let her back into his home she quickly spits out that
    clones. I don’t know Geeklings, just
    seems that after last weeks
    dentist incident that Sarah would be a little
    more careful in the trust


  • Orphan Black "From Instinct To Rational Control" ReviewWatching Donnie and Felix pretend to be expecting
    fathers was very amusing and

    lead to some pretty funny scenes. It was nice to see Felix pulled back into
    Clone Club this week and
    away from his biological family hunt. The infiltrating
    of the IVF clinic
    allowed us to find out what the Neos
    are looking to do (one
    baby at a time) and also lead to one of the strangest
    phone sex/masturbation

    scenes ever. Whatever gets you through the night Donnie and

  • Helena is on the
    move after being told by Donnie to walk on eggshells
    because Alison is
    having trouble processing the
    pregnancy. Helena doesn’t want
    to be a burden to anyone and she definitely
    doesn’t want to make one of her

    sisters feel bad so she buried her egg babies and said goodbye to the
    household. I wonder where
    she’s off too. And where did her trucker boyfriend
    disappear to?

  • There was no mention or
    appearance of Kira this week
    and I was okay with that. No doom predictions
    of Clone Club members setting

    themselves on fire.

  • Rachel got caught passing notes in
    school by
    her mother and is even
    more isolated. Trying to play the tough guy role she
    believes that Charlotte
    should be observed in her
    illness rather then treated
    and Ms. Duncan agrees. Bluff called.
  • MK reminds me of a more

    adorable/less violent Lisbeth Sandler. The Girl With the Face Scar? Not very

    catchy. I’ll have to think
    of something…

There you have it
Geeklings, this week we
got some more back story on MK and
found out what the
maggot bots are doing. What did you think? Has Sarah
become too trusting? Was
plan a success even if Ferdinand didn’t go boom? What do you think of the

Neos and their attempt to change
the world’s DNA? Sound off in the comments
below and see you next


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