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Orphan Black “Transgressive Border Crossing” Preview

Published on April 20th, 2016 | Updated on April 20th, 2016 | By FanFest

One of the best things about
this season of Orphan Black
is that we get two season
premiers. What?!
How do I figure? Please allow me to break it down for you.
While last week was
actual season premier it was mostly a flashback (outside of the two minutes

at the end), think of it as an
added bonus episode. This week will pick up where
season three left, with
the characters we’ve come familiar
with, thus providing
us with a bonus season premier. It’s math people it
works itself out. And if
weeks episode is half as good as last weeks thae we’re all winners


Speaking of last weeks
episode I have some more thoughts. Tatiana
Maslany (who I’m pretty sure has
hair that smells what dreams are
made of) gave
one of her best performances to date, and that’s saying
something. I want to
believe that
part of that was due to focusing mainly on one character, but I
think the
real essence of the performance
comes from Beth herself. Throughout
the three seasons of this show each
clone has displayed themselves to be
and able to take action themselves. There have been times where
we’ve seen them
low but we’ve
never seen them broken. What made Beth so fascinating was she is
the first
clone that we experience who is
100% vulnerable. That entire episode
Beth was searching for something real,
whether it was with Paul or Art
snooping around the Neolutionists, Beth needed validation. We haven’t
anyone in the Clone Club
who acted that way or allowed the conspiracy to break
them so tremendously.
It’s no wonder Beth jumps in
front of a train. You have
to imagine that randomly seeing another
person that looks like you was

the straw that broke the camels back. It was refreshing and resonating
one of the characters that
desperate, and adds another layer to Tatiana
Maslany’s acting chops. I’ve
been thinking about this episode
all week.

Now with that
being said, what do we have in store for our second
season premier? Right off
the bat
we have the immediate threat of the Neolutionists coming after Sarah. MK
finally come out of hiding and
she’s been keeping up with the Sestrahood
this whole time. I’m wondering
if we’ll get an encounter between
Sarah and the
Neolutionists or if the tip has given them enough time to slip
away into the
arctic night.
Plus the imagery of the sock monkey burning is all types of
upsetting. I
know you’re in a rush but save the
sock monkey.

of the arctic
the season
three finale left a number of questions that need to be answered, and
one of
them is asked by Cos. Is
Delphine alive? I’m sorry my dread locked
friend but I think she gone baby.
I don’t really expect Delphine
to survive her
underground garage ambush shooting. Her moments at the end of
season three were
strong and she even got the super cliche passion kiss with Cos that pretty

much sealed the deal (insert kiss
of death pun here). Things to wonder though is
how will Cos respond to her
death? She’s arguably the
smartest of the Clone
Club ladies and will most likely connect the dots. Now
where do those dots lead?

The obvious answer is Shay, Cos’s now ex-girlfriend, but it could be a
obvious. We know she has a
mysterious military background (could it be the same
branch as Paul? Her
uniform looked similar) I wouldn’t
be surprised if she’s
secretly linked to the Neolutionists (Side
I hate
that word. I always feel like I’m spelling it wrong. It haunts


for the other clones we’ve got
Helena and her impending pregnancy to worry
about. I’m happy to see that

she’ll still be paired off with Donnie because they currently have my vote
best possible Oprhan
spin-off. Come on! You know you would
totally watch that. Last
time we saw Helena she was with her
truck driver
boyfriend coming off the best duct tape weapon hands duel ever.
I would imagine
a large part
of her story arc this season will be protecting her babies (“don’t
babies”), but considering the
only other clone to give birth is Sarah
I’m sure there will be some
interesting developments. Twins

Alison looks to be re-connecting
with Felix (who get my
for second best Orphan Black spin-off) but for what I’m not sure?

It does look like at some point
that Felix and Sarah end up in that Neolutionist
club or as I will refer to
it, Club Darwin On Acid. I’m
loving all these call
backs to season one already and feel that the
Felix/Sarah relationship is one of

the shows strongest and looking forward to them spending some more time


Noticeably missing from the promos
were Rachel and her badass
cyber eye. What’s she looking

There you have it Geeklings!
two of Orphan Black
will play as a bonus season premiere and build off
of last weeks
fantastic flashback. What do you expect
to see? Who do you think
shot Delphine? Will Sarah escape the arctic before
the Neolutionist arrive? Is

Helena having babies or baby? Sound off in the comments and I’ll see you on

Friday with my

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