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Original 1970’s TV ‘Wonder Woman’ Opening Reimagined with Gal Gadot

While Wonder Woman continues to dominate the box office, fans of the 1975 original series were missing one key aspect that would have made the film absolute perfection: The Wonder Woman theme song!

Even though the new film has its own kick ass soundtrack filled with awesome music, there’s just something special about that original theme song.  Whether its a link to all the childhood nostalgia we have for the Wonder Woman character or, it’s just a super awesome tune, the theme was missed in the new film.

Director Patty Jenkins’ choice not to use the original theme is understandable.  The new DCEU Wonder Woman definitely had a darker and more serious tone than the original TV series portrayed and, ultimately, the song just wouldn’t fit in the film.  As it turns out, there may have also been legal issues as to why the song wasn’t used.   Jenkins told Yahoo! Movies that she really couldn’t figure out a way to make the song work within the film but, she also hinted that they may not have had the rights to the song:

“It would be so impossible to use the theme song. I don’t know how I would pull that off, even legally.”

So, while the original theme not being used in a bummer, thanks to an epic mash up from Screen Crush, we can see how it would have looked if they were able to use the song!  Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and the rest of the cast are featured in the below mash up with scenes from the new film mixed into the old school theme song.

Check it out!  It’s pretty epic!  What do you think of the Wonder Woman theme song mash up?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below:

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