Epic Movie Scores: ‘Wonder Woman’

Epic Movie Scores: Wonder Woman

I was really excited when I learned that my favorite song from Batman v Superman soundtrack was actually Wonder Woman’s theme. Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams took what was established by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL and expanded on it, adding two more melodic themes that are present throughout the bulk of the score.

And what a great score it is. It moves seamlessly from theme to theme, further illustrating Diana’s journey to Wonder Woman. This is most present in “No Man’s Land.” We start with the strings and winds and are pushed forward by the drums as Diana starts her journey across no man’s land, the music building as she moves further along. The main theme of the movie sneaks in before morphing into what I call “Wonder Woman’s Battle Theme.” And it just makes you want to fight off some bad guys.

Wonder Woman’s Wrath” is by far my favorite song on the album because it is all her battle theme. The pounding of the drums and blaring guitar really get you pumped up. This is a great song to work out to. For something a little on the slow, melodic side, I really like “We Are All to Blame” and “Amazons of Themyscira.”

I listen to a lot of movie scores and didn’t know who Rupert Gregson-Williams was before this movie. Up until now, he has composed for television and comedies. He started working on bigger blockbuster films in 2016 with Legend of Tarzan and Hacksaw Ridge. I’ll probably have to check those two out because I love what he did for Wonder Woman.



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