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New Posters for ‘The Meg’ Look Dauntingly Menacing!

A few months ago, we were graced with the trailer of Jason Statham’s upcoming horror/thriller, The Meg.

Based of what I can tell, as an avid shark movie enthusiast, this one is going to be one for the memory books. It for sure went beyond your typical ‘OMG Shark!’ trailer with 50 girls screaming and a bunch of people yelling ‘get out of the water’!

The trailer took a suspenseful plot and added a somewhat humorous twist to it with Bobby Darin’s ‘Beyond the Sea’ casually playing the background. Someone over there has quite a wicked sense of humor.

Over the weekend, Warner Bros. released a few new posters for the upcoming film – some of which I could find myself looking at thinking ‘welp, I guess I’m not going to the beach this summer!’. Truth be told, we only know 20% of what is in the ocean – so who knows what is really out there!

Check out some of these posters in the gallery below!


I will say this. First of all, I will never go in one of those bubble things that run across the water. Two, the wait for August just got a whole lot longer.

I can’t wait to see Jason Statham face off against this beast!


The Meg swims into theaters on August 10th!