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New Heroes may Appear in ‘Titans’

DC has an upcoming streaming series for their first live-action series that dwells in their comic lore and sneak peaks have been savored by their fans. With initial plans to air falling through, earlier this year an announcement was made that the show would premier in DC’s digital service.

This platform allows more freedom creatively and portends new ways to bring DC characters to life.

The rumored episode titles for the first season of Titans, have revealed appearances by many heroes in the series. With each of the 13 episodes named after a superhero or their alter-ego, characters like Wonder Girl, Red Hood will play major roles.

The synopsis is as follows:

Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic Teen Titans franchise. Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness, get embroiled in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth. Joining them along the way are the hot-headed Starfire and loveable Beast Boy. Together they become a surrogate family and team of heroes.

Based on the synopsis we gather that the episodes will revolve around Raven whose civilian identity gets the focus in episode Four and the Finale and her father Trigon. More details are yet to be confirmed and we all just can’t wait for the big reveal.

Meanwhile, you can check out all the episode titles on

  • 1.1 “Titans” (Pilot)
  • 1.2 “Hawk and Dove”
  • 1.3 “Starfire”
  • 1.4 “Rachel”
  • 1.5 “The Doom Patrol
  • 1.6 “The Messenger”
  • 1.7 “Jason Todd”
  • 1.8 “Angela”
  • 1.9 “Donna Troy”
  • 1.10 “Hank and Dawn”
  • 1.11 “Koriand’r”
  • 1.12 “Dick Grayson”
  • 1.13 (Season Finale) “Raven”