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Titans “Together” Review- An Alliance

Published on November 9th, 2018 | Updated on November 8th, 2018 | By FanFest

If last week’s episode was the closing of the prelude of Titans then this week’s episode, “Together”, kicks open the door to the first chapter. A first chapter that sees our characters all in the same place and working more or less on the same page. I love that the show didn’t drag its feet when it came to bringing the core group together. All too often these team shows like to take their time bringing everyone together, sometimes waiting until the season finale, but Titans know that the payoff is with these characters as a group, and it plays into the strengths of the series. On top of that, “Together” is another really strong episode that continues the focus on character, throws in some kickass action, and expands the universe a bit.

There’s always a bit of a gamble when forming a superhero group on screen. Part of the draw to these shows is just seeing the characters on screen together, but if the actors lack the chemistry… man, everything unravels pretty quickly afterward. Shows have to be more than just the characters on screen in their costumes kicking bad guys in the face. “Together” is our first real glance at all the eventual Titans together, and thankfully the group gels swiftly and effortlessly. Putting them all up in a Bates-like motel and then transporting them to an abandoned barn to show off their powers is a fun opening to the show and gives the group a chance to feel each other out.

DC Universe Titans

Often times we see characters with powers feel the need to show off or outdo the people they meet who also have powers. It’s that “whatever you can do I can do better mentality” but Titans sidestep that. Instead, we get a scene where each character is given a chance to show what they have and thus giving us a team atmosphere right off the bat. These are characters that are quickly understanding that they need each other, and the quicker they learn who can do what the safer they will be. A small action like Starfire taking out Raven’s mist when it starts to get out of control helps to build trust between the characters and genuinely underlines the fact that they’re looking out for each other. Like a family. Plus, throwing in some unintentional nakedness always helps lighten the mood too.

While the team comes together swiftly there are clear divisions. Raven and Beast Boy are closer in age so obviously, they gravitate towards each other, and Dick and Kori… well, if you’re a fan of the comics or animated series then you’ll be pleased with the events that transpire. Sure, it seemed a little soon to put these two together but tequila is a powerful entity folks. Plus, I feel this is more a first step towards the relationship we all know and love. Relationships are much like boots, complicated to figure out, and I feel the show really wants to build towards making it count. Over the last few episodes, they planted the seeds that Starfire is the light to counterbalance Dick’s dark place, but we’re still building. Both Anna Diop and Brenton Thwaites chew up their scenery together which, again, adds to the dynamic.

“Together” isn’t just about showing off powers though. We actually get to see the team in action and things really get cracking, literally, once Dick busts out the Robin suit. Having played mum for the majority of the episode of what he was capable of, Dick has little choice but to go full Robin once the Nuclear Family shows up looking for Raven. Another small touch here that showcases the importance of secret identities something other DC shows lack (*cough* The Flash *cough*). Naturally, Robin is too much for the Nuclears to handle and a Beast Boy tiger attack helps bring the family down. Beast Boy fanboying about Dick knowing Batman is both a great way to expand the universe and allow the others to follow Robin’s lead. Batman is an established hero and Robin is well known, of course, Beast Boy and the others will want to follow an actual superhero. I was just surprised that Raven hadn’t put this together yet.

The captured Nuclear family doesn’t give away much which leads to Dick tapping into the skills he’s learned from the world’s greatest detective. Grayson tracks down the person who has hired the Nuclear family through searching cell phone call history, it’s that easy sometimes, and heads to Chicago to confront him. Luckily Dick doesn’t eat the butterscotch candy, that this old lady is determined to kill someone with, and is able to have a brief one on one with the villain I’m calling Mr. I’m Always Making Breakfast. We don’t learn much other than this organization is super powerful and has eyes everywhere. Breakfast Man warns Dick that his apartment is about to be swarmed by a group of people set to take them both out, an event triggered by Dick walking in the door, but Dick either doesn’t believe him or care. This turns out to be a mistake, damn Batman arrogance, as the apartment is swarmed by a bunch of heavy-duty SWAT soldiers who prove to be too much for Dick to handle. Luckily Robin shows up to bail him out.

Wait, what? I thought Dick Grayson was Robin? He is, but Batman can’t be policing the streets of Gotham alone so he hired another Robin. You may know him as Jason Todd. Yeah, I geeked out hard for this too!

DC Universe Titans

Some other quick thoughts-

  • I’ll admit it, I’m shipping Raven and Beast Boy. Shut up, you are too!
  • “I couldn’t figure out your boots” might be one of my favorite Dick Grayson moments. Ever.
  • Slight theory, this group that’s hunting Raven, is it possible Amanda Waller is involved? The Nuclear family seems to have a bit of Task Force X in them, no?
  • Dick showing up to take the mirror down so Raven could sleep is a great touch to continuing their big brother/little sister vibe. The show has been excellent in providing these little moments.
  • Besides my obvious fanboying, the arrival of Jason Todd as Robin seems like the first step to getting Nightwing, doesn’t it? Could this also lead to “A Death In the Family”? Soooooo many possibilities.

There you have it Geeklings, what did you think of this week’s episode of Titans? Were you happy to see the group get together and start gelling? Are you shipping Starfire and Robin or was that too much too soon? What comes next now that the Nuclears seem to be off the board? Also, Jason Todd! Sound off in the comments or you can talk more Titans with yours truly on Twitter @iamgeek32. You guys discuss and I’ll see you all here next week with another episode review!


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