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New ‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ Trailer Reveals Turks, Summons & MUCH More!

Published on September 11th, 2019 | Updated on September 11th, 2019 | By FanFest

We’ve known for a few weeks now that Final Fantasy 7 was going to get some new details at the Tokyo Game Show; but never did I imagine THIS much! The trailer might be just short of 3 minutes, but it covers an exceptional amount of major plot points. So check out the trailer in full below and then I’ll see you afterwards for a breakdown of some of those scenes.

As the trailer opens, we get what appears to be some news scenes/ plot points. The first of which is what appears to be a city – or at least street – wide ghost attack. It’s still unclear if these are just a redesign of the Ghost-level enemy from the Train Graveyard; but considering their prominence in other promotional images, I doubt it’s that simple. Additionally, we also see what appears to be another Shinra SOLDIER performing some bike stunts. I might be missing something; but I’m willing to bet this is an added boss/ antagonist for the new Cloud & Jessie bike segment. These first 40 seconds of the trailer highlight all the new segments and end on a pretty high note (literally). Though as the trailer continues, situations get more tense as some fan-favorite – and fan-feared – moments begin to come to light.

The Turks Revealed – Reno, Rude & Tseng:

Again, going into this event, we knew there was going to be some sort of FF7 Remake reveal and a lot of it pointed to it being centered around the Turks/ Shinra’s side of things. We certainly got a taste of that as Reno, Rude and Tseng were all revealed in this trailer. Though I personally enjoyed how each character reveal showed something off. For example, Reno’s reveal/ scenes highlighted what appears to be a brewing rivalry/ personal fight between him and Cloud. Rude’s fight scene showed that characters can be thrown into other characters during battle. Tseng on the other hand showed that whether by gameplay or cinematic, we’ll be getting ALL viewpoints of this story. In the original, we saw Aerith appear in the helicopter already kidnapped during the Sector 7 Plate incident. Here, we actually see Tseng arriving at Aerith’s mom’s house while Aerith protects Barret’s daughter Marlena. Additionally, we also get glimpses of what appears to be slight story changes.

Major Plot Points Re-Revealed – Cross Dressing & Sector 7 Collapse:

The cross dressing scene remains; but some minor parts of it appear to have changed – for the better. In the original, Cloud and Aerith met up with Tifa at Corneo’s. Here, it looks like Tifa meets up with Cloud and Aerith beforehand and actually helps Cloud ‘dress’ for the occasion. Personally, I’m happy we didn’t get to see the cross-dressed Cloud yet. We should earn that in the game – and also because the look should vary based on how much we do …. ‘earn it’. As for Corneo himself, he is exactly as creepy as I remember. Perfect redesign Square! Though Corneo’s involvement ultimately leads to the revelation of Shinra’s grand plan for Avalanche… which brings me to the next point.

There’s not really much I can say about the Collapse of the Sector 7 Plate. Like the original, the trailer shows that Shinra is truly controlling the narrative. Though I wasn’t expecting a shot of the aftermath – and my heart was not ready! We have 6 months to prepare ourselves, but if the closing moments of this trailer tells me anything, it’s that we might not be ready. It’ll be really be interesting to see how this changes things ‘gameplay’ wise because after this point (1) many of the areas you just progressed through are gone and (2) you are now labeled as public enemies. I wouldn’t be surprised if that ‘sensor’ shot we get of Cloud around 1:31 is actually a mechanic to keep a low profile.

Sector 7 Plate Collapse
Credit: Square Enix

Additional Details – Mini-games, Summons, Navigation Control Swap:

Beyond the massive plot drop, this trailer also gave us a glimpse at some details we were still awaiting. For starters, mini-games are returning in many shapes and sizes. Beyond the beloved squat mini-game there’s also a pull-up mini-game (probably same area) as well as what appears to be a dart mini-game (most likely at Tifa’s Bar).

Though the bigger reveal by far is the summons! We knew summons were going to be in the game due to pre-order bonuses; but we didn’t know how much since they didn’t appear in the original until after Midgar. From the trailer we not only see Ifrit, Odin and Shiva; but also that these summons will fight along side you in battle for a time. The time bar is located in the right hand corner and seem to cost your teammate(s). Though I’m also willing to bet they’ll give one big final attack before leaving the field.

The final item of note is one scene where we see Tifa navigating a level. It could be that my memory is failing, but I could have sworn that navigation was Cloud only. Or maybe that was just for the opening/ demo portions. Either way, we see Tifa as the controllable character here. Now this could just be another mini-game of sorts, but throw in the shot we get of Barret clearing rubble and Aerith being confronted by Tseng and it’s probably safe to assume that you can swap to other characters for main navigation for stretches of the game.

Controllable Tifa FF7Remake
Credit: Square Enix

Closing Thoughts:

This trailer gives us so many new details that to analyze all of them would take awhile. Though honestly, I don’t want to analyze them. Seeing Aerith is her dress, the kidnapping, the aftermath of the Sector 7 plate collapse. I did not expect to see so much from this trailer, and each moment made my heart skip a beat. I’m of course going to keep updating my Evolution of FF7 Monster Designs article, but as far as story elements go, I don’t need to see anything else. This trailer proves that everything that struck us so deeply about the original is returning; but they’re dialing it up to 15! Yes we know how this story ends; but the fact that some scenes got changed up and others completely added show that the path getting to that ‘end’ is very new. And I want to wait and experience all of it when the Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches March 3, 2020!

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