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Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Finds its Ciri and Yennefer

The Witcher series from Netflix has found the perfect actors for the role of Ciri and Yennefer.

Freya Allan (Into the Badlands, The War of The Worlds) will be playing the role of Ciri, and Yennefer will be played by Anya Chalotra (Wanderlust, The ABC Murders).

The fantasy series is inspired by and based on The Witcher novels by Andrzei Sapkowski. The same books have past inspired a hot video game saga by CD Projekt Red.

it revolves around Ciri, the young princess of Cintra. Cintra is a kingdom which the plot revolves around. Yennefer is a mother figure to Ciri and a sorceress in her own right. She is Geralt of Rivia’s love interest.

Geralt will be played by Henry Cavill.

The cast also includes Jodhi May as Queen Calanthe, Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson as Queen Calanthe’s husband; the knight Eist, Adam Levy as the druid Mousesack, and MyAnna Buring as the head of the magic academy in Aretuza, Tissaia.

Mimi Ndiweni and Therica Wilson-Read also star as new sorcerers, and Millie Brady as the loner Princess Renfri.


The executive producers of the show will be Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (Netflix’s Daredevil, The Defenders)  Alik Sakharov, Jarek Sawko, Sean Daniel, Jason Brown and Kathy Lingg.

According to Hissrich, the search for the actors begun in June and the work has been intense since then. The search for Ciri, especially, was exhausting. However, when she met Freya in London, she knew that she was perfect for the role of Ciri right away.

Last month, when the actor playing Ciri was revealed through an online leak, there was a lot of backlash that caused Hissrich to take time away from Twitter.


Hissrich promised in an interview with THR that the producers and actors of this show will not strip out the cultural context of The Witcher, or remove its Slavic roots which are a source of pride for the people in Poland and the world over.