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Netflix Officially Confirms ‘Stranger Things 3’

Well, this is some bitchin’ news! Even though it was practically a given, Netflix just officially announced that Stranger Things will be returning for Season 3! This announcement absolutely deserves 3 GIFs in celebration, because truthfully it’s impossible to choose just 1 to express the fandom’s excitement.

Netflix Officially Confirms 'Stranger Things 3'

Back in August Stranger Things, co-creator Ross Duffer said that they planned to “do a four season thing, and then out” but a third season hadn’t been officially confirmed until Netflix’s announcement today. The second season of the nostalgic sci-fi series hit the streaming platform on October 27th and immediately broke the Twitter record for the most tweeted-about streaming show during its opening weekend. The success of the sophomore season came as no surprise as the sleeper hit’s first season received 18 Emmy nominations and won 5.

The announcement didn’t come with any information such as episode count or release date, but based on their production time between seasons 1 and 2, a 2019 release seems the most plausible at the moment. Both seasons of Stranger Things currently hold a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

What are you most excited about Season 3? Steve? Yes, always Steve.


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