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Netflix just Dropped the Official Trailer for ‘The Punisher’ and it is Intense

Since San Diego Comic-Con, fans of The Punisher have been waiting for the first real looks into the series coming to Netflix this fall. Jon Bernthal surprised fans at The Defenders panel this summer and told fans that Frank Castle was a character near and dear to his heart and promised everyone from men and women in the service to die-hard fans of the comics that they would do their best to get it right.

So far, it seems like ‘doing it right’ has been a vast understatement. Every quick peek into the series so far has proven that Jon was born to play Frank Castle and his dedication to the character is incredible. From social media morse code hints and snarky replies to fans to the first teaser released just days ago and his own excitement for the role – we are ready for The Punisher to hit Netflix.

Or, at least, we thought we were. Then, the full trailer was released just hours ago and to be honest – it’s even more than we expected.

You can see the light in Castle’s eyes and how bright it shone when he was with his family – he loved them and more than that, he felt loved by them. However, when his wife was shot in front of him, the largest part of his heart died, in turn, extinguishing the light inside of him forever.

Bernthal encompasses the role of The Punisher with expertise and a drive powered by revenge, he wants nothing more than to take away the life of those who took the ones he loved, but he wants them to feel the pain he felt in losing his wife and child, as well.

Needless to say, those in his way will be begging for forgiveness, and he’s not too keen on handing that out.

While the release date of the series is still scrambled, we anticipate it will premiere this November, and we’re keeping up closely with social media until then.

Are you as excited as we are to see The Punisher? Let us know.