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Netflix Developing Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ‘Black Mirror’ Episodes

It’s happening; we’re going to get to physically choose how a TV show ends.

Netflix is yet to decide how the next installment of Black Mirror will end, so they’re going to leave it up to the fans. The streaming service is currently creating a program where viewers can actually choose to have the story end the way they want it to, with a series of choices. The plans are still private and new, so it’s unconfirmed who is working on the program as of right now. All we do know, is that we’ll be seeing it appear before the new year.

The Emmy winning anthology series Black Mirror is a science fiction series which changes every episode. It explores technology and its implications on society socially. It includes satirical episodes where humans live in a hierarchy based on their social ratings.

Season five is expected to be released in December with the new choose-your-own-adventure software.

Netflix’s exclusive style of releasing seasons all at once has remained over its two decades on the scene. This new style of television watching will allow viewers a brand new style of viewing.

They did already release a few episodes of “choose-your-own-adventure” animated stories for children. In Puss in Book, the child can choose whether the cat fights a tree or a god. You can then go back and choose the other scenario if you aren’t satisfied with your initial choice.

This process is a step into interactive TV which we should all expect much more of in the future. With high speed internet, gaming devices and interactive voting shows like American Idol and The Voice, it’s a formula that’s been successful in the past.