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Michael Myers aims to kill in latest ‘Halloween’ Still

There are quite a few panels I had been looking forward to seeing at the San Diego Comic-Con; and one of those was for Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween sequel. I like to think of John Carpenter as the master of horror, with his 1978 original Halloween shaping the horror universe. If you combine John Carpenter’s masterpiece with the mind of Jason Blum and the production staff of Blumhouse… be prepared for the ultimate sequel. Blumhouse has been putting out some incredible movies the past few years, and judging by the trailer for the 2018 blockbuster – they’re continuing to slay it. (Or should I say… Slash it?)

For those who are unsure about the time-line, the new Halloween is essentially ‘forgetting’ everything that came after the 1978 original and creating a new path for the franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis will be reprising her role as Laurie Strode, and Nick Castle is also returning to pick up the slashing of Michael Myers.

Picking up 4o years later, killer Michael Myers is about to be transferred from a psychiatric institution to a maximum-security prison and according to David Gordon Green  “the sh*t hits the fan,”. I would certainly say that is an epic way to put it. Laurie Strode finds herself facing off against Michael Myers one last time, something that she has been preparing for during the last 40 years.

Blumhouse recently released a new ‘first look’ photo of the upcoming film – and Michael looks more daunting than ever. Check the photo out here!



Halloween will open in theaters on October 19th