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Marvel Launches A Brand-New App And It’s Amazing

Calling all superhero artists! Marvel has announced their brand-new app, “Marvel: Color Your Own.” It’s an interactive coloring book that allows artists of all ages (& skill levels) take control of the Marvel Universe and put their own spin on their favorite superheroes. Featuring characters and scenes from across the Marvel Universe, as well as a whole host of coloring tools and effects, there’s enough content in just the basic version of the app to keep all but the most serious of artists entertained for hours.

It all begins when a user selects one of the 200+ pages currently available. Each image is fully-vectorized, which means that users can zoom in to their heart’s content without losing resolution. From there, users can choose from one of five different brushes. These range from the standard marker to exclusive Laser and Halftone tools. There is no shortage of colors and effects either, including graphite and metallic options. Once the picture is done, users can share their work on their social media.

For the serious artists, there’s the Ultimate Access subscription. Available as an in-app purchase, Ultimate Access unlocks premium pages and additional fill effects, brushes, and color palettes. It also removes the watermark from finished pages, and allows users to save high-resolution versions of their artwork. These images can be printed as well as shared online.

The app was developed in conjunction with Pixite and is available now exclusively in the App Store for iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices. No word on if or when the app will become available for Android devices. The app is free to download, but does have in-app purchases for real money. Whether you’ve always dreamed of redesigning your favorite hero’s costume, or if you’re just looking for a fun way to kill time in a line, this colorful app will certainly leave its mark on you.

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