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‘Lucifer’: Episode 2 Of Season 4 Title Revealed

Its been nearly two weeks ago since we got the premiere title reveal for Lucifer’s fourth season. The title gave the fans a good feeling, as the title sounds ‘Everything’s Okay.’ It can mean more than one thing of course, especially after how season 3 ended. Once again the Lucifer Writers Room’s official Twitter page posted a sneak peak to the second episode of the fourth season, which is making us very eager to get started on the new season.

The second title is something only Lucifer would be able to say. I can almost hear his voice say it when I read it!

Episode 2 is written by Ildy Modrovich, who is known for her work on CSI: Miami. This episode’s director is Sam Hill, who also worked on CSI; Miami and on CSI: New York.

Tom Ellis announced on his Instagram that the fourth season started production on August 13. After that, the main cast did a live-stream on Facebook on the first day of filming, to thank the fans for their support and for saving the show with pure dedication.

To be fair, if Tom Ellis and the rest of the cast didn’t stand behind the show like all the fans, I don’t think the show would have been picked up again. We’re glad of course that Netflix took the show under their wings so that we can enjoy it a little longer.

What do you think of the second episode title? What do you think it means? Let us know in the comments below.

There still are no details as to when the new season will be hitting Netflix.